16 mayo 2018

Construction of handmade solar heater with recycled materials

 Applying the philosophy of respect for the environment and recycling  useless materials, we have built a solar energy water heater.


- Refrigerator cooling rack.

- Wooden pallet.

- Recycling glass.

- Fish tank engine.

- Tubes.

- Insulating silicone.

- Aluminium Foil.

- 25 liter water tank.
- 20 watt fish tank motor.






Almost finished product

We have not still been able to verify its performance.

With a similar prototype and with  an ambient temperature of about 25 degrees, in June 2017 we got 25 liters of water (at an initial temperature of 19 degrees) at a final temperature of 56 centigrade degrees in a time of three hours.

The fish tank motor is used to move water because the small diameter of the system does not allow free circulation by convection.

Built by students of the fourth year of ESO (15-16 years) of the San José de Valladolid School.

Ismael Camarero (Twitter: @elisma_c)

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